Ray Kerchal - December 2000
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In 1995 we decided to make the Bryan Kerchal Memorial Fish Whistle available to those who wanted something with which to remember Bryan. During the packaging design phase, it was decided to incorporate a punch out trading card into the packaging insert. At trade shows, the Bass Masters Classics, the Wrangler/BASS National Tournaments and other appearances, we were asked for more trading cards. So, nine additional whistle inserts (with cards) were designed and produced over the following two years. In 1997, the inserts were packaged so one would not have to buy 10 whistles to get all of the trading cards. The cards cover Bryan's short tournament career from 1992 to 1994.
Most collectors do not punch out the trading cards but leave the insert intact. The inserts are 4.75 x 5.75 inches and the cards are the standard size for sports cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches). Following are the descriptions of all ten cards. Pictures follow the descriptions.

Card # 1: Blowing the Fish Whistle (1995)
The picture on card #1 is the only known still photo of Bryan with the fish whistle. It was taken by Steve Price at the end of the second day of fishing at the 1994 Bass Masters Classic.

Card # 2: 1992 Eastern Divisional Tournament (1995)
In September, 1992 Bryan qualified for the Wrangler/BASS National Championship from Connecticut. This was the first tournament he had fished outside of his home state

Card # 3: 1993 Wrangler/Bass National Championship (1995)
At Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Bryan finished first in the Eastern Division and thus qualified for his first BassMasters Classic.

Card # 4: Bryan Signing Autographs at the 1993 Classic (1996)
Bryan finished his first Classic in last place, just behind his hero, Rick Clunn, who finished 40th.

Card # 5: Bryan's Second Eastern Divisional Tournament (1997)
Bryan was the Connecticut champion for the second consecutive year -September 1993. He is pictured on this card with Don Corkran.

Card # 6: Bryan Wins the 1994 Wrangler/BASS Championship (1997)
Pictured with Ray Scott, Bryan became the first amateur angler to qualify for consecutive Classics.

Card # 7: Bryan Wins the 1994 BASS Masters Classic (1997)
Bryan became the only amateur and the only Northerner to win the Classic. He also became the only angler to win the amateur and professional titles in the same year.

Card # 8: Bryan at the BASS Masters Classic Banquet (1997)
In two short years, Bryan went from being so shy that he did not want to weigh his fish on stage to a poised and confident speaker.

Card # 9: Bryan at Lake Baccarac in Mexico (1997)
The weekend before Bryan's plane went down, he was fishing with Dave Richey, who was writing an article on Bryan for Fishing World magazine.

Card # 10: A New Jersey Federation Member Remembers Bryan (1997)
Bryan left a legacy of inspiration. His presence will live on through all those whose lives he touched.

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Fish Whistle

Trading Cards

The Bryan Kerchal Memorial Fish Whistle comes packaged with one trading card. Package size - Approximately 5 x 7 inches in width.

The Special Collector’s Edition box set contains 10 Bryan Kerchal Memorial Trading Cards (Series 1). Only 10,000 sets were produced. Package size - Approximately
5 x 7 inches.

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