Memorable Pictures

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January 1990 - Scotland Bryan Kerchal, Suzanne Dignon and Suzanne’s brother, Gavin,on a hike in the Scottish Highlands. Photo by Hugh Dignon.

April 23, 1994, - Pine Bluff, Arkansas Bryan wins the Wrangler/BASS National Championship. Don Corkran, Ray Scott and Ronnie, Bryan and Ray Kerchal.

Bryan Kerchal Samuals, age 4. December 1998 - Richmond, Virginia Rick and Jackie Samuals of Richmond, Virginia named their son after Bryan Kerchal on December 6, 1994, one week before Bryan’s plane went down.

July 30, 1994, - Greensboro, North Carolina Bryan Kerchal speaking at the 1994 Bass Masters Classic banquet. Helen Sevier, CEO of BASS, and Dewey Kendrick are also in photo.

July 30, 1994, - Greensboro, North Carolina Bryan Kerchal after winning the 1994 Bass Masters Classic.

August 14, 1993 - Birmingham, Alabama Bryan Kerchal and Suzanne Dignon at the 1993 Bass Masters Classic. Photo by Jim Romans.

Bryan Kerchal - December 13, 1994 Wrangler Employee Appreciation Day Greensboro, North Carolina

Bryan Kerchal & Erik Hamilton whistling the theme from Mayberry RFD Terrywile Lake, Danbury, CT - Summer 1992

Ronnie and Ray Kerchal, April 1999